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Welcome to Wheel Front Forum - The Premier Aftermarket Wheels Marketplace

We are excited to launch Wheel Front Forum, a new online forum dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of aftermarket wheels. Our forum officially opened on March 1, 2024 with the goal of creating the premier marketplace for aftermarket wheel enthusiasts.

Whether you're looking to buy new aftermarket wheels for your ride or sell some wheels you have taking up space, Wheel Front is the place to connect. Our forum makes it easy to browse listings, contact sellers, ask questions, and more.

Some key features of our forum include:

Listings for major wheel brands like BBS, Forgiato, Rotiform, etc. Buy, sell or trade your aftermarket wheels.
Discussion forums to get advice and feedback on wheel fitment, styles, maintenance and more.
Vendor listings - Find reputable shops that sell wheels and related services.
Events section - Stay up to date on local car meets and shows.
Mobile friendly platform - Access the forum from your smartphone or tablet.

In launching Wheel Front Forum, our mission is to unite aftermarket wheel enthusiasts from all over. We hope to build a thriving community where members can find the wheels they want and engage with fellow wheel lovers.

Check out the forum at and feel free to introduce yourself in our New Member Introductions section. We are excited for you to join us and help make Wheel Front the top destination for aftermarket wheel enthusiasts!