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Wheel Front Forum Policy

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We welcome all members to engage in discussions on aftermarket wheels and related topics on our forum. To ensure a positive community, we ask that all members adhere to the following policy:

Posting Guidelines:

  • Posts must be related to aftermarket wheels or other automotive topics relevant to the forum.
  • No spam or repetitive posts. Search before posting to avoid duplicating topics.
  • No offensive language or personal attacks. Be respectful of other members.
  • No advertisements or self-promotion outside of the vendor areas.
  • No illegal or unethical content allowed. This includes stolen goods, counterfeits, etc.

Buying/Selling Rules:

  • All for-sale listings must include details like price, location, shipping options, condition, etc.
  • Be truthful in your listings. Intentionally misrepresenting items is prohibited.
  • Conduct transactions at your own risk. The forum is not responsible for sales.
  • No selling of stolen, illegal, or unethically sourced goods.

Forum Etiquette:

  • Be polite and constructive in discussions, even during disagreements.
  • Do not share personal contact information publicly.
  • Do not share others' personal information without consent.
  • Do not post content that violates copyright or trademarks.


  • Forum moderators have discretion to remove any content or members violating rules.
  • Temporary or permanent bans may be issued for repeated violations.
  • Serious violations may be reported to legal authorities when applicable.

Feedback and Reviews

To help members make informed buying and selling decisions, Wheel Front encourages honest and constructive feedback. Posting your feedbacks in our Feedbacks category ( )

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time. Participation in our forum constitutes acceptance of this policy. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Let's keep Wheel Front an open, helpful and friendly community for all!